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North Central Co-op has had a vested interest in your success because we’re owned, controlled, and accountable to the producers we serve. See how NCC can be your full service provider:

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Protecting yields and profitability with enhanced technology and services is well within your reach when you sign up for North Central Co-op’s innovative precision agriculture and field diagnostics offering called Elite Yield Solutions (EYS). It’s a prescription program designed specifically for farmers who want the latest agronomic thinking and advanced production practices on their farm.

The EYS program features a two- pronged approach to maximizing yields and profitability: precision agriculture, combined with season-long crop scouting and field diagnostics. The first prong of EYS is soil testing and GPS mapping, variable rate technology programs for both seed and fertilizer applications, as well as custom recommendations to address specific concerns on your farm.


Nipping Potential Problems in the Bud

The second prong includes crop scouting, field diagnostics and tissue testing. Farmers enrolled in EYS receive field scouting support from planting through harvest, looking for potential yield robbers like weeds, insects, diseases, nutrient deficiencies and uneven plant stands. As the season progresses, NCC performs tissue tests to gain insights into nutrients that may be limiting the crop’s potential.

The 2015 Sign-Up Deadline Is Approaching

In order to match the number of participating farmers with NCC field agronomists before planting begins, growers should enroll their acres in the EYS program.

“We strongly believe in partnering with growers to provide programs and services to help them make more informed management decisions,” says Mark Tullis, CEO of NCC. “We continue to enhance and revitalize the programs and services we offer to our customers by working in partnership with them to help address their most challenging situations. It’s all part of our brand promise to put each customer further ahead to build success for all.”

If you’re interested in learning more about EYS, stop by an NCC agronomy location.

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