Our business is organized as a cooperative and is owned by the local farmer-customers who do business with us. By law, all members of NCC must be engaged in agricultural farming practices. However, customers do not have to be members to purchase from NCC.

Each farmer must submit a membership application and a $5 one-time fee to become a member. There are 5,800 farmer-members who locally own and control NCC today.

One of the benefits to membership is patronage. The cooperative’s net earnings are returned to member-owners based upon their use of the cooperative’s products and services. At least 20 percent of the patronage refund should come back in the form of cash. Up to 80 percent of each member’s patronage may be paid in equity.

This equity provides the capital the co-op needs in order to fund operations, replace or enhance equipment and facilities, and support other activities approved by the board and membership. Equity is retired and the value paid to member-owners as financial conditions allow.

As our members, you have the responsibility of attending our annual meeting, electing directors, providing financing, remaining informed about the business, promoting NCC to others and purchasing the co-op’s products and services.

To become a member of NCC, please complete the form below and submit the form by mail with the $5 application fee.