NCC’s Elite Yield Solutions (EYS) program is an individualized program to help farmers protect yields and profitability with enhanced ag technology and services.

The EYS program features a comprehensive approach to maximizing yields and profitability including precision agriculture combined with season-long crop scouting and field diagnostics. The program consists of customizable agronomic services based on your needs and unique farming goals.


The foundation of EYS is comprised of precision agriculture, such as variable-rate planting or nitrogen recommendations, field diagnostics and tissue testing. Growers using the EYS program receive timely diagnostic reports and supplemental information to help them make informed management decisions throughout the growing season.

If you’re interested in learning more about EYS, stop by an agronomy location, call us at 800-992-3495 or e-mail at ncc@ncc.coop.

Justin Miller describes the EYS field diagnostics and tissue testing program that prevents yield losses by addressing issues early and bringing field-specific diagnostics and recommendations from NCC.