Seed Solutions

A successful harvest begins with selecting the right seed that corresponds with your field management plan. With so many variables to consider, you need a seed consultant and supplier who have your farm’s goals and profitability top of mind.

NCC is more than just a supplier of top-quality seed. We have knowledge of local seed trials and seasonal weed, insect and disease pressures that impact performance of your seed and seed treatments.

Armed with this information and knowledge of the soil types of your fields and your management practices, we can offer you the best seed solutions.

We partner with three top-of-the-line seed brands including Mycogen Seeds, DEKALB and Asgrow to offer the broadest range of genetics and traits to fit your needs. Our selection of seeds include:

  • Corn
  • Soybeans
  • Alfalfa
  • Cover crops: cereal rye, annual rye, radish, turnips
  • Hay and pasture mixes
  • Peas and oats mixture
  • Peas and barley mixture
  • Peas and triticale mixture
  • Grass seeds

Contact us today to talk to John Gibson, NCC seed manager, at or 574-253-1512.

Learn the benefits of seed treatments to protect the genetic potential of your seed. Seed manager John Gibson provides details on how seed treatments can offer better nutrient uptake and protection against pests and disease on your operation.