Liquid Fuels

Liquid Fuels (CountryMark)

NCC is one of the largest distributors of high-quality CountryMark fuels in Indiana. Our petroleum team supplies more than 60 million gallons of competitively priced premium fuels per year to thousands of farmers, construction companies, municipalities, fleets and business owners.

We provide our customers with the very best quality in liquid fuels. As a member-owner of CountryMark Co-op, NCC is proud to be part of the cooperative system’s privately owned refinery and pipeline system.

Premium Dieselex-4
Offered through NCC, CountryMark’s Premium Dieselex-4 is a premium, on-road and off-road fuel with a high cetane index for maximum power and quicker engine starts, lubricity for fuel system protection, detergent additives for cleaner injectors and stabilizers for improved fuel performance. Check out the product specifications for this all-American fuel.

PLUS Gasoline
All of the gasolines in CountryMark’s PLUS line meet top-tier standards, which keep engines running smoothly, improve engine performance and reduce vehicle emissions.

Stop by one of our 16 fuel stations today across north-central Indiana or contact Corky Amable, energy sales support specialist at to discuss fuel delivery and tankwagon options.

Liquid Fuels (GROWMARK)

Through our Michigan team, we offer GROWMARK’s Dieselex Gold. By optimizing eight unique chemistries in combination with #2 diesel fuel, Dieselex Gold has earned a reputation for restoring lost horsepower, improving fuel efficiency and protecting today’s sophisticated fuel systems.

Look to GROWMARK fuels for your energy needs by contacting Dion Jones, energy sales specialist, at or 231-721-5868.