NCC is a supplier of CountryMark Advantage Lubricants. These high-quality lubricants are formulated to exceeded customer expectations. CountryMark’s Advantage Lubricants are professional-grade lubricants that extend drain intervals, reduce maintenance costs, extend engine life and deliver greater lubricant value.
We serve customers of our Berrien location Cenex® branded lubricants. These trustworthy products have more than 75 years of history in providing impeccable protection for your engines.

NCC offers a fluid analysis program intent on helping fleet managers control costs while eliminating untimely equipment downtime.

Oil Analysis Program

The analysis program, designed for home-based fleets, school systems and other local trucking operations, detects impurities in the engine’s oil that can signal equipment wear and anticipate needs before emergency repairs are necessary.

How it Works:
Through the fluid analysis program, fleet managers can better regulate oil consumption and engine maintenance. The program is designed as preventative maintenance and as a means to run diagnostics as issues with oil may occur. Based on the fluid analysis results, managers may opt to extend the life of the oil beyond routine oil change intervals. Impurities detected in the oil can signal operational failure before the engine shuts completely down, leading to costly downtime.

NCC partners with a third-party lab to ensure customers are receiving accurate and unbiased data about their analysis. Lab results are available within 24-48 hours from submission to the lab.

Fleet managers interested in the fluid analysis program can contact Brad Swartzell at 800-720-0550 or stop by their local NCC location for more details.