Whether it’s dairy, poultry, beef, swine or horses, we have the feed solutions for you. Our feed operation in Fremont, MI has the expertise and capabilities to meet all of your animal nutrition needs. Helping producers maximize the value of livestock feed through efficient, customized nutrition programs and quality products is our priority.

NCC operates and delivers feeds from our feed mill in Fremont, MI and through our partnership under Synergy Feeds in Indiana. NCC offers direct bulk delivery and bagged feed options for the majority of our feeds.

At both locations, our professional staff and employees are dedicated to helping you succeed in your business. Our nutrition specialists provide the most up-to-date feed and nutrition information and technologies, and our services extend well beyond nutrition and feed. We take pride in bringing Total Farm Solutions to producers we serve.

Contact one of our dairy specialists today:
Erwin Christmann231-590-3188
Maddie Culbertson231-557-8373

Fremont Feed Total Farm Solutions

Fremont Contact Information: Fremont Feed Mill – 231-924-3851
Synergy Contact Information: 800-533-2268 Option 2